Coming Soon. Smart Device For Every Soldier

Smart device for every soldier

The following Army Times article reveals how far and how quickly the ideology of technology and soldier usage has come. When we started Kopis Mobile four and half years ago, there were very few early advocates let alone adopters of a smart device in the hands of every soldier.

In fact, if you were to ask someone in the Department of Defense  at that time if smart devices would ever become prevalent;  80% said “No”,  10%  said “they are in use to a certain degree” and the final 10% said, “The use of mobile devices and mobile apps within DoD is happening and will only grow.” We gambled and started the company on that final 10%.

Fast-forward four and a half years and our gamble is no longer a “gamble” per say, but more a confirmation of what we knew to be true back then.  Below is an excerpt from an article in the Army Times.

Meghann Myers is a senior reporter at Army Times

Between the hours soldiers have to spend online for professional military education and the possibilities a handheld, touchscreen device could hold downrange, the Army is taking a step toward developing a standard-issue device for every soldier.

The team at PEO Soldier has come up with a prototype that they recently presented to the Army’s top enlisted soldier, Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey said Tuesday.

“I’m an advocate of, every soldier has a device,” Dailey said.

 The prototype is a large tablet-like device, he added.

“Operationally, they can use it while they’re on the battlefield,” Dailey said. “It could have a number of apps that would assist them in their capabilities with land navigation, communication, [and] … I asked for the capability to extend that resource to be able to use it for institutional reasons as well.”

That would include being able to do professional military education courses and tests on the device with a Common Access Card reader.

“That’s how civilian education works,” Command Sgt. Maj. Dave Davenport, the senior enlisted soldier at Training and Doctrine Command, added. “These young people are all on smart phones and tablets.”

Details on if and when to issue a device will have to be hammered out, but Davenport said that some pilots have already taken place, with soldiers bringing in their own hardware.

Keeping a small business running is always tough. Coupled with the government space we are in and dealing with those who had the 80% mind set, it is even tougher. All of that aside, we are super proud to be ranked 384 on this year’s Inc. 5000 list.

We achieved this honor by listening to soldier and first responder problems. We then quickly acknowledged and devised solutions to those problems with simple to use, mobile solutions. So here’s to many more years of Kopis Mobile’s listening, forward thinking and more than a touch of tenacity.



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