Kopis Mobile at the Inc 5000 Conference

Henry Jones and Josh Lunn of Kopis Mobile at the Inc 5000 Conference
Hugh normally handles the blog writing, but for the next couple of posts it’ll be me, Henry.  I’ll be sharing some of what we learned last week at the Inc 5000 Conference.  In case you missed it, Kopis Mobile’s revenue growth between 2013 and 2016, qualified us for the Inc 500.  That puts Kopis Mobile in the top 1000th of 1 percent (0.0001%!!) of companies in the United States – something to be very proud of!
Our team has worked long hours, sacrificing time and energy, and poured enormous amounts of creativity and thought into moving the company in the right direction.  We are the fastest-growing technology company in Mississippi!  Kopis Mobile co-founder Josh Lunn and I attended the two-day event as representatives of the company.  I wish the whole team could have been there.
Attending the Inc conference as an Inc 500 awardee was enormously fulfilling to me professionally.  I have been a subscriber to Inc magazine for about 20 years.  It has been the best source of insight and information for growth companies – those that keep pushing to be bigger, better, and making more of a difference to its customers and staff.
A longstanding goal for me was to be a part of an Inc 500 company.  You can imagine my elation as a co-founder, part of the leadership team, and then to see my name in the magazine – that was more than I ever thought was a realistic goal.
It’s really tough to make the list! Perhaps for that reason, the atmosphere at the Inc conference was very positive.  All the other attendees had a great attitude – no one was competing, and we all knew we shared the same experiences of finding and attracting great people to join your team, wooing customers, building a meaningful culture, trying to figure out smart processes without losing flexibility, and managing the inevitable cash flow stress.
The highlight for me was meeting and talking with Norm Brodsky , who is the Street Smarts columnist and a senior contributing editor to Inc.
Henry and Norman Brodsky
I’ve been a faithful follower of his columns and books for years.  More than just meet him – we were able to have a few conversations, and as I was hoping, he quickly had some useful insights into what I could do to help our business out the most.
The key takeaway from the conversations was that I needed to seriously increase the attention I have paid to making projections for our business – revenue and expenses and the cash flow relationship between them.  I need to share those projections as widely as possible, as one of the key communication tools for the entire company to use.
The more I’ve thought about it, the more I see many of the company’s current challenges (such as distributing responsibility and accountability as we grow, making investment decisions, and reducing my role as Chief Bottleneck) could be mitigated by distribution of a best-effort projection for at least the next 12 months.  If everyone doesn’t know where we are trying to go, how will we all work well together to get there?
There will be a few more posts on the Inc.5000 conference, other speakers and insights.  But, for now, I’ll end it here with this Dance time at the Inc 5000 gala.

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