Last of the Inc. 5000 Observations

This is the third installment of the Inc. 5000 conference takeaways. To catch up, go to Kopis Mobile’s website (just click our name) for the previous blog posts.  Here is Henry’s final recap:

Beyond our interactions with Norm Brodsky and Brene Brown, Josh and I were able to have front-row seats for talks by Brian Smith, the founder of Ugg brand, Alan Mulally of Boeing and Ford and Daymond John, Shark Tank investor and FUBU founder.

Josh literally ran into Brian a few seconds before he was going on stage, and Brian was extremely polite – he clearly is a very laid-back person.  His personal story reflected that attitude.  Neither Josh nor I had a full picture of Daymond John before his talk, and we both came away impressed and fans.

A key impression from those talks was that companies have stages – you can’t skip them and probably don’t want to skip them (Norm had said this also). While we should all want to be the best in the world. The key is to understand that will mean you have to go through the process of becoming the best in the world; by learning from others and your own mistakes, by trying new things, and constantly evolving and getting better.

Brian’s four secrets to success were to 1) Feast Upon Uncertainty, 2) Fatten on Disappointment, 3) Invigorate in the Presence of Difficulties, and 4) Enthuse Over Apparent Defeat.  His reasoning behind those secrets became clear in the end – that these four attitudes take away the mindset of Victimization. We will all have uncertainty, disappointment, difficulties and defeat but, our success comes from our response to them.  Enjoy being where you are, do it well, and then over time look back over your shoulder and appreciate your successes.  And, like Brene Brown said, “you decide what defines that success”.

The second day was also pretty exciting. I was interviewed by Microsoft and MSNBC .

If that interview makes it on the air, we will definitely be posting about it.

The conference wrapped up with a black-tie gala, which my father Frank and brother John flew out to attend with us.  It was great to hear our company’s name called and see it up on the big screen.  We hope to make the list again, and attend next year in San Antonio!!

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