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Army Navy Pregame

I had the distinct honor of attending the Army Navy football game last weekend. It was one of those bucket list type deals for me. The history of the game is one of things that make it such an unique event. The very first football game was played in 1890 at West Point.

The ceremony preceding the game is absolutely amazing. It really makes one proud to be an American, at least it should. With so much negative news and bad things going on around the planet, the game made things a little brighter for everyone in attendance.

If you didn’t see the game, there is one thing you should take a look at. It was the singing of the National Anthem by a combined group of West Point Cadets and Navy Midshipman. Click on the National Anthem link to watch it.

Those kneeling NFL players need to see it. The game served as a perfect representation of how our country should be. All walks of life coming together for a single purpose.

There were no protests, no fights (that I saw), and no disrespect to be found. I am not saying there wasn’t plenty of animated smack talking between services, but it was all in good fun.

Many like me have had far too many friends come home with our flag draped over their coffins. How does anyone in their right mind, especially those who make millions of dollars playing a sport, think it is a good idea to disrespect anyone who has served this country, the flag or the country in general?

I have a recommendation for all of them. You should use all of those millions you make and put into a positive cause. Have at least enough respect to stand during the National Anthem and honor all of those that have ever supported and defended this amazing country.

Ok, enough ranting. Even if you don’t like football, I highly recommend every American to watch it at least once. If you don’t watch the entire game, then watch all of the ceremony leading up to kick off. It will make you proud, stand up a little straighter, stick your chest out a little farther, and be very thankful you live in the greatest country on Earth.


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