Never Take Your Foot Off Of The Gas Pedal

The Bezos Empire
The Bezos Empire

We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. After taking some time off from writing during the holidays, I wanted to start the year off with short article about an incredible entrepreneur.

Jeff Bezos┬áhas managed to build a huge, diverse empire in a relatively short period of time. He just surpassed Bill Gates as the wealthiest person in the world. That doesn’t come from sitting on your hands and hoping opportunities fall into your lap.

Even at a young age Jeff Bezos was a driven entrepreneur. He consistently took risks and did things others thought was a dumb idea. More importantly, he has never ‘taken his foot off the gas pedal’. That means never settling for what you have or you think you have.

With $105 billion in his pocket, he obviously never needs to work another day his life. That is not what he chooses to do however. He never slows down or stops looking for other opportunities. He doesn’t settle for what he has already built.

As a young company, we certainly know the value of never slowing down. We have a long way to go before we can match even one of Bezos’s companies. That is good goal to have though. And, there is so much to be gained from following what has made others successful.

Not everyone can be a Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, or Mark Zuckerburg. I do however, think anyone can be an entrepreneur. It takes a lot of commitment, drive and tons of hard work. A lot of failures and mistakes will happen along the way. We have made several of each over the last five years, but we have learned from them. The goal is trying not to repeat them.

Recently, we were fortunate to tell our Kopis Mobile story via a podcast hosted by Thor Conklin. Parts one and two, out of the three segment block are now up on his site. Hopefully, some folks can learn a little from us, like we have learned from others. The next Jeff Bezos is out there.

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