Jumping with the 6th Ranger Battalion

Our last blog post was about the use of our FastForm 1306 system by the jump administrators and jump masters for the 6th Ranger Training Battalion.  Andrew and I (Henry) were impressed by the professionalism and thoroughness of our contacts at 6RTB. A big thanks to our partners at 4K Solutions for setting this up. Here are a few “behind the scenes” photos and video of the jump day, with a little color commentary. You can click the link in the parentheses to watch the videos.

We joined up with the cadre jumpers from the 6RTB and a few guys from 4RTB and 5RTB near the tarmac, where there’s a shed to provide a little cover.

Waiting to load

Waiting on the bird

A C-130 from the Connecticut Air National Guard flew over from the main Eglin airfield, getting in an Assault Landing and then pulling up nearby. (video of C-130 arriving)

After some prep time, it was time for the first lift to load up!

The Commanding Officer of 6RTB loaded up last to be the first one out of the door (I don’t blame him – that’s gotta be the best view!) and the door closed up and the taxi to the nearby runway began.

The C-130 did a short field takeoff, (Loaded C-130 taking off) and basically had to kill 20 minutes of flight time to give the jumpers the necessary prep time once in the air.

Headed right back at us, the C-130 dropped off its first Pass of jumpers – five out of the right door and five out of the left.

There were two more passes on this Lift, and then another Lift with a couple of passes after that. All good, and all captured in the manifest put together by the FastForm system.

On our way out, we made a quick stop at the Gator Pen. (Gator pen at 6RTB)  Can anyone tell me why there are two sets of bleachers at the Pen? What sort of show goes on there?!?

Thank you, men and women of 6RTB, for what you do. Rangers Lead the Way!

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